3rd qtr 2014

3rd quarter 2014 newsletter


4th qtr newsletter

3rd Qtr Newsleter

2014 3rd Quarter Newsletter

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2015 2nd Quarter Newsletter

4th Qtr 2015 Newsletter

3rd and 4th quarter 2015 Newsletter

4th Qtr 2016 Newsletter

4th Quarter 2016 Newsletter

2015 Board Minutes

2014 Financial Reports

Jan 14 Profit and Loss Statement

Profit and Loss for February Meeting

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2013 Board Meeting

Meeting Presentation

VEC Guide to Services

VEC presentation for Feb 2014 meeting

401k Handout

June 401K meeting handout

Fringe Benefit Part 1 Handout

June meeting Fringe Benefit Part 1 handout

Fringe Benefit Part 1 Slide Handout

Fringe Benefit Part 1 slide Handout

IRS Deposit Payments & FUTA Credit Tax

IRS Deposit Payments process and FUTA Credit Tax Payments

June 2015 Meeting Presentaion

2 Presentations "Employee vs. Contractor" "FMLA "


Hosey Burges Bio

Hosey Burges Bio

Campbell Bryan Bio

Campbell Bryan Bio


Form W-9

Wish List for H.E.R. Program

Wish List for H.E.R. Program

IRS Service Guide

IRS Service Guide provide a quick refernce for individual and tax professionals

IRS Services Guide

Guide provides useful links and phone numbers for tax practitioners.

January 25th Board Meeting

January 25th Board Meeting

Wex Rapid PayCard

Wex-Rapid Case Studies:Healthcare Provider

Regional Healthcare provider achieves 97% e-pay with rapid! Paycard

Wex Rapid PayCard Case Study: Staffing Company

Industrial Staffing Company reduced payroll distributio, and achieved 98% e-Pay

Wex Rapid Paycard Program Overview

Rapid PayCardProduct Features and Benefits

2014 Board Minutes

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2014 Meeting Minutes

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2018 Board Minutes

2018 Meeting Minutes